Blue Prism v UiPath


Compare Popular RPA Tools Uipath and Blue Prism

Pricing UI Path Aggressive, Attractive Entry Level Pricing.  BP Higher Cost Of Deployment.
Attended versus Unattended UiPath is the only one that can run in Attended mode. Unattended robots are also possible in UiPath through their Orchestrator product.

Blue Prism are clear in their position to run unattended processes remotely at an enterprise scale thus are not in the business of enabling individuals on their desktop.

Exception handling UiPath manifests itself in a traditional coding way with a Try Catch activity, that also supports finally.

Blue Prism uses Blocks; resizable rectangles that are wrapped around the steps in the process you wish perform a try catch on

Application Integration Both products integrate very well into our everyday desktop applications.

UiPath has been stronger in it´s ability to recognise an image on the screen. In Blue Prism this is a complex business to try and replicate compared to the UiPath built in activities. When integrating with a system through a Citrix environment then UiPath performed easily better compared to Blue Prism.

Robots(Front and Back) Blue prism provides only back-office automation.

whereas both front office and back office robots are applicable for UiPath

cognitive capability UI Path is High as compare to AA
Access UI Path is Browser And/or Mobile Access

BP is App Based Access Only.

Architecture The architecture of UiPath is web-based orchestrator and for the blue prism is client-server architecture.
Re-usability Both UiPath and blue prism has the function of re-usability.
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